Jira Service Management

This hands-on course is an introduction to creating a service desk for your customers and managing a service project using Jira Service Management. You’ll get experience performing the most crucial configuration tasks to set up your service project and customer portal. Topics include configuring and branding your customer portal, creating queues and SLAs for your service team, using a linked knowledge base, adding participants, and automating your service project. The course includes a variety of business use cases to assist you in understanding how to manage a service project, and best practices are emphasized for each topic.

Confluence Administrator

This learning path is designed for team leaders who want to manage the best experience for content creation and management for their team. Confluence Administrators manage users, spaces, and templates for Knowledge Bases and Documentation.

Jira Project Administrator

This learning path is designed for team leaders who configure Jira projects to match a team’s processes, and work with Jira administrators global changes are required. Jira Project Administrators can configure project boards, set up sprints, assign team members to roles, and create reports.

Jira Administrators have the same permissions, and more… so that role has its own learning path.